To the Parents, From the Parents

At TOD & TOT, we are more than just a brand; we are the culmination of a shared dream, a fusion of expertise, and a labor of love, all
inspired by the needs of our 7-year-old daughter. Our journey began with the belief that children's furniture should be a seamless blend of
creativity, functionality, and safety. We understand that every piece of furniture in a child's space plays a pivotal role in shaping their world.

TOD & TOT was born from the collaborative efforts of a husband and wife who embarked on this adventure with a shared passion for crafting children's furniture. As a dynamic couple, we bring together diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Architectural Expertise: Our co-founder, Kirti Kalla, is an accomplished architect with over 12+ years of experience in design and architecture. Her keen eye for detail and aesthetics is the cornerstone of our furniture's design. Each piece we create is a testament to her dedication to fusing form and function, resulting in furniture that not only complements a child's space but also inspires their imagination.

Marketing Mastery: Our other co-founder, Priyank Borawar, brings more than 16+ years of invaluable marketing expertise from the media industry. He knows how to bring ideas to life, how to connect with people, and how to share the essence of TOD & TOT with the world. His skills ensure that our vision reaches families who share our commitment to providing the best for their children.

The spark for TOD & TOT came from our very own family. As parents to a 7-year-old, we witnessed firsthand the evolving needs and desires of our daughter. Her growing curiosity, changing tastes, and evolving needs were the catalyst for our venture. We realized that children's furniture should be more than just functional; it should stimulate creativity, provide comfort, and be safe for your little ones.

At TOD & TOT, we are committed to crafting innovative and imaginative children's furniture that reflects the love, care, and passion we have for what we do. Each piece we create is a piece of art, designed to grow with your child, adapting to their evolving world. Our dedication is not just to our daughter but to every child and family who places their trust in us. We promise to provide furniture that's not just beautiful, but also built to last, ensuring that your child's space remains an inspiring haven. Thank you for choosing TOD & TOT to be a part of your child's journey. Together, we can make their world a little more beautiful, comfortable, and filled with imagination.