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It is essential to buy kids' tables and chairs designed ergonomically for their size. It ensures the kid's furniture is adjustable to the growing needs of your child. Tod & Tot, a kid's furniture company founded by parents, believes in designing kids' tables and chairs that meet the needs of your kids not just today but also as they grow up. The best part about each of these pieces is that it uses natural woods like rosewood, mango or MDF, non-toxic and kid-friendly. 

Having an exclusive children's table, children's wooden chairs, and kids' table and chair set allows kids to feel excited and comfortable. Buying them creates a delightful space for them to learn while helping them stay organized.

Benefits of buying kids tables and chairs online

Tod & Tot is a home-grown brand focusing solely on creating premium wooden furniture for kids. Exclusive benefits of buying a children's table from Tod & Tot.

Sturdy and reliable kids' table and chair set

Kids are notorious and playful. Thus, their furniture should be just as playful and colorful. However, kids’ tables and chairs should also be sturdy, safe, and reliable. Tod and Tot understand this. The range of kids chairs and tables here is made keeping kids safety and security in mind. Whether it is a children's table or a children's wooden chair, everything uses durable and non-toxic materials, like mango or rosewood. These are non-toxic and safe for kids. Moreover, our architecture ensures that there are no sharp corners, edges, or robust structures for maximum safety.

Extensive variety of Kids Table and Chair Sets 

Every kid is unique! So, the kids table and chair set should be versatile to fit the needs and interests of every child. Moreover, investing in kids furniture that stands the test of time and is still necessary for a kid when they grow is essential. Keeping this in mind, we have created the best children's wooden chairs and tables in multiple designs, sizes, colors, and materials, catering to everyone’s needs.

Reasonable pricing

When you buy a table chair set for your kid, you look at its design, quality, and functionality. However, price is a critical factor when deciding to buy kids furniture. At Tod & Tot, you get the best furniture at reasonable prices. We use high-quality, natural materials with apt pricing. Moreover, avail of the discounts or sales running on the site to ensure you buy kids tables online at the best prices.

Best tips to take care of kids table and chair sets

Tod & Tot prides itself on creating colorful kids furniture using resilient and natural materials. To ensure the kids table and chair set, the children's wooden chairs, or the children's table you bought from T&T last long, maintaining them is essential. Here are the best ways to maintain the kids' furniture and ensure it is free of germs and dust.

Clean it daily

When you buy a kids table online, do you think kids will use it just for studying? No! They will paint on it, scribble on it, eat on it, and even put unclean or dirty hands on this furniture. These can stain the children's table and wooden chairs. Also, dust is always present! To ensure the kids table and chair set are clean and hygienic, use a dry, soft, and clean cloth. Avoid using water or any sort of chemical!

Covers for the Kids Table and Chair Set 

A cover for the kids table and chair set is an effective way to ensure the kids table is clean and dust-free! The cover is a barrier between the furniture and dust, ensuring it remains clean.


1. What furniture and decorations can I add to my kid’s room?

The best furniture for a kids room is bunk beds, storage cabinets, a children's table, children's wooden chairs, a chest of drawers, and toys. To decorate the room, use vibrant stickers, wall paintings, lamps, family picture frames, LED lights, and stars.

2. Which is the best-suited material for a kids table and chair set? 

Natural materials like mango, rosewood, or MDF are preferred materials for kids table and chair sets. They are non-toxic and budget-friendly, too.

3. How long does delivery take?

Once you buy a table chair set for study or wooden chairs, it will take 10–15 days for the product to be delivered. We notify you via email or message about the product’s dispatch. If the order is customized, the delivery time can be longer than the standard delivery time.

4. What is the price of a kids table and chair set at Tod & Tot?

Kids furniture prices range from INR 5000 to INR 12,000. The price depends on the size, functionality, style, storage, and material.

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