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Having a nice, cozy, functional, and stunning bedroom for your kid is essential. Trying to decide what children's cot bed online is perfect for your newborn or whether the single bed is secure and comfortable is challenging. Surely, to buy kids' bedroom furniture, you have to unleash your inner child and let the creative juices flow. From buying an online kids' cot bed to a toddler bed online or a children's single bed, the options are endless. Tod & Tot believes in delivering the best-quality wooden furniture using mango or MDF wood. They are free of toxins and have multipurpose uses.

The best part is that when you buy kids' bedroom furniture from T&T, you can save space, as most nuclear families live in flats or apartments with less space. For instance, our online kid's cot bed in yellow, blue, or pink comes with a storage option. A perfect piece of kids' furniture allows you to store essentials while your baby sleeps peacefully.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Kid's House Beds


The most important factor to consider before you buy kids' bedroom furniture is the finish and material. Go for beds made of quality materials like wood or metal. For wooden beds, we use Sheesham or mango, the best material ever. They are not just lightweight, but durable too.


The color of the toddler bed online you are looking at matters. Ensure you buy a bed whose color matches the kid's bedroom interior. Ensure to buy beds that are colorful and vibrant to have a playful experience for the kids.


Before you buy kids' house beds, measure the space in the kid's room. Cluttering the room with a bigger bed will make it impossible to add other furniture, like play toys or a table-chair study set, to the room. So, consider the space in the room before you buy it.


Kids' beds come in multiple designs and styles. It is better to select one that suits the needs and personality of your child. A toddler bed online should be colorful with a built-in barrier to keep them safe.


To buy kids' bedroom furniture, the main factor to consider is durability. Kids love to jump on the bed, so having a sturdy bed that doesn’t collapse on one jump is the way to go. A wooden bedroom is ideal for kids as it is sturdy, durable, and non-toxic.

Types of Kids' Beds Available on Tod & Tot

Cot bed

Tod & Tot has the best children’s cot bed online. Using non-toxic and durable mango wood, cot beds come in various designs and colors. Choose from a pink, white, blue, or yellow cot bed with safety rails to keep the kid from falling. It also has an additional hidden space, best for storage or use as an additional sleeping place for siblings.

Sky bed

Looking for a children's single bed with a unique design? Check out the Tod & Tot Sky Bed; its cloud-based frame with cushion is a perfect option for kids and adults alike.

House bed

The house bed, shaped like a hut, is a unique design to help your kid sleep comfortably in a unique setting. The bed uses mango wood for a durable and natural finish, staying with the kids as they grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any safety issue to consider when buying a kid’s bed?

Yes, it is best to buy kids' house beds with a built-in guardrail barrier. It is essential, as kids can fall while sleeping, a common concern for parents. Moreover, look for toddler beds online with no sharp edges, as it reduces the chances of injuries.

How much weight can a cot bed hold?

When buying a children's cot bed online, look for beds that can hold up to 20 kg of weight.

What are the different designs and colors available for kids' beds?

When you buy kids' bedroom furniture, ensure it comes in multiple alluring colors, shades, and designs. Tod & Tot sells children's cot beds online in yellow, blue, and pink colors. Customization is also available.

Children's bed to buy

Small child's bed, sky bed, cot bed, yellow metal cot bed, and house bed.

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