Tod & Tot brings you multiple pieces of kid’s room furniture to renovate the layout and style of your kid's bedroom. You will be surprised by the choices of children's bookshelves on our website. Moreover, we also create other pieces of kid furniture like tables and chairs, beds, play furniture, nursery items, and storage. Buying kids bookshelves online is an ideal way to encourage kids to read books. Why? Because they are functional and colorful, reading a book is an interesting activity. Moreover, our children’s bookshelves are constructed such that accessing books is easy, so they have no excuse not to read one! We have multiple varieties of kids bookshelves, so find one that matches your style.

At T&T, a premium wooden furniture manufacturer for kids, the designs are crafted from the hearts of parents for parents. We use only natural materials like mango or MDF wood to create non-toxic furniture for your kids, including their bookshelves.

Why Invest and Buy Kids' Bookshelves Online?

If you have a book, you always have a friend! Moreover, books play a critical role in the development and growth of a child. Also, once you have kids, you start accumulating books like there’s no tomorrow, and at last, you end up with a messy bedroom! So, it's time to invest in children's bookshelves because:

  • Having a dedicated and organized space for kids' books allows them to build a reading habit.
  • Children’s bookshelves teach them the importance of organizing and keeping the place tidy.
  • It gives them a feeling of ownership!

Factors to Consider When Buying Children’s Bookshelves


Ensure the kid's bookshelves online you are looking at are ideal for storage but also secure. It should have rounded corners and soft edges for maximum security and safety for your kids. 


Kids are colorful. So, look for bookshelves for them in fun and vibrant colors; it ensures the room looks lively. Choose a neutral color or a vibrant pink color to match the theme of the room.

Design and Size

Get a creative children's bookshelf, a hut-shaped bookshelf, or a tree-shaped one. Let the children help you decide which bookshelf they want.


It is essential to find kids' bookshelves online that are sturdy and durable. Our bookshelves use mango or MDF wood, ensuring not only durability but also non-toxicity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is The Best-Suited Material for Childrens Bookshelves?

Natural materials like mango, rosewood, or MDF are preferred materials for Children's bookshelves. They are non-toxic and budget-friendly, too.

2. How Long Does Delivery Take?

Once you buy a bookshelves for kids, it will take 10–15 days for the product to be delivered. We notify you via email or message about the product’s dispatch. If the order is customized, the delivery time can be longer than the standard delivery time.

3. How Can Kids Use Children’s Bookshelves?

Apart from the main use of displaying the books, they can use the kid’s bookshelves for storage purposes. For instance, our nursery nook changing station is ideal for storing your infant's diapers and clothes for easy access while changing their clothes. Similarly, our cozy house bookcase is ideal for storing plushies, toys, schoolbags, and stationary.

4. What are a Few Things to Look at While Buying Kids Bookshelves Online?

When looking at kids bookshelves online, consider these factors:

  • Size and capacity of the bookshelf.
  • Construction quality; material used (it should be non-toxic)
  • Style and design of the children's bookshelves
  • Safety and durability of the bookshelf.

5. Tables What is The Price Range of Children’s Bookshelves at Tod & Tot?

The price range of kids’ bookshelves online at T&T depends on multiple factors like material, size, and design. The cost starts at INR 6,000 and can go up to INR 15,000.

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