Best Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Playroom

Organize Your Kid's Playroom

Is your kid’s playroom drowning in toys? Yet, you find the kids not playing much? Well, the reasons behind this can be many. For instance, it could be because the room is disorganized or cluttered, and kids do not find it appealing enough to play in it. That is why organizing your kids’ playroom is so essential. Yes, you may wonder why. Because when you do organize, it will eventually end up messy and cluttered. That is true! But as mentioned before, organizing kids’ playrooms helps them play with their toys. Secondly, when you organize the room, it will motivate the kids to do the same and keep their playroom neat. So, what are the best ways to organize your kids’ playroom? It is a great question, and we will answer it below. Let’s begin!

Best Ways To Organize Your Kid’s Playroom

Kids playroom which is properly organized always encourages them to play in it, and get creative while at the same time keeping it tidy. So, here are 7 ways to keep it organized and clutter-free.

Have lots of bin

When the kids play in their room, they will make it messy; it is something you cannot avoid. That is why cleaning is frustrating, and it also takes up a lot of time for the parents. Well, you can make it easier on yourself by investing in the right containers. Containers like bins or playful portable toy boxes by Tod & Tot. Firstly, the kids can play with it as they can drag it around. Also, they are lightweight, so you can just carry or drag them while you are cleaning. Get rid of those bulky boxes and transfer all the toys and puzzles into streamlined and smaller containers. 

Playful Portable Toy Box (Engineered Wood) White

Get rid of old & broken toys

To organize the kids’ playroom into a neat room where they want to play, an essential step is to declutter the old toys. Monitor all their toys, and the ones that are missing a few pieces or are broken should be thrown away. The next step is to ask the kids and get them involved in the process. It will help them feel responsible, and they can tell which toys do not bring them joy or if they do not want to play with them. That way, you can donate those toys. Lastly, if you are still left with many toys, you can simply put them in storage and out of the kids room so that it remains clean and decluttered.

Label everything 

Everything should have a home; we all understand this, as it can help keep the home neat. The same goes for your kids’ playroom. Any bins or storage boxes you use should have clear labels on them. That will encourage the kids to put things where they belong. It gives them a clear visual indication of where to put their blocks or puzzles and makes the process easier.

Create an organization plan for storing Legos.

Legos and other such blocks require a different storage option. They are small and can get lost easily. Also, you have to be careful that they do not end up becoming a choking hazard for toddlers. Therefore, having a clear plan is essential. For instance, children aged 4 and older can use a big, clear bin or storage container to dump all the Legos together. However, the older kids can sort them using shapes, color, or size. It is a fun game in itself and makes cleaning up easier. Remember, for this, you will need a storage container with partitions.

Separate the room into spaces.

Kids playrooms can be in their bedroom only, or it could be a single room full of toys. In any case, to ensure it looks clean and remains organized, you can use this essential tip. In this, you visualize how you want the room to look and separate it into quadrants; four is usually the best. 

  • So, one quadrant can become a reading nook with bookshelves where you can not only store the books but also plushies and other toys. 
  • Another quadrant can be the one where there is a table and chair set for the kids to perform arts and crafts. 
  • Another can be the one where they play with other toys like blocks, Legos,  train sets, and more. 
  • The last quadrant can be adventurous, where you can put small climbing rocks to help them be flexible. 

If you are making the kids play in their bedroom only, one quadrant will be for the bed and closet. You know the space well, so figure out the room that way while ensuring there is space for moving and breathing. Using multipurpose furniture here is the best way.

Choose storage options that are kid-friendly.

You want the kids to clean, but if the storage boxes are hard to open, how will they? Therefore, you must use storage containers or boxes that the kids can open easily and put the toys in. That makes it easier for them to clean up.

Use the toy-rotation method.

If you are running out of space to organize your toys, go with the toy rotation option. We mentioned above how you can store the extra toys in storage. Now take those out and put a few old toys, which the kid seems bored with, in the storage. This way, every toy becomes usable without the kids’ playroom becoming cluttered.

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These are the best ways to organize your kids’ playroom. The key, as mentioned above, is open space because it encourages kids to keep it clean and tidy the room by themselves. Moreover, when you keep their room clean and organized, it makes it more fun and accessible for them to play in the said room. The perfect storage options that are also multipurpose, like Tod & Tots have, are one of the best approaches. Additionally, ensure any furniture you buy for your kids room is toxin-free and something they can grow into. If you have any more ideas on how to organize the kids playroom, leave them in the comments below.